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Hand Bouquet – White Romance

Hand Bouquet – White Romance


The number of roses have special and romantic meanings associated to them. Pink roses are generally associated with gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Red roses are generally associated with deep emotions such as love, longing and desire. The quantity of each bouquet represent a meaning to it. The meaning of 10 roses is a simple yet powerful way of telling someone special “They Are Perfect”. The meaning of 18 roses is “Sincerity And Trueness”. If you wish to tell a loved one to “stay young and beautiful”, gifting them 18 roses is the best choice. The meaning of 28 roses is “Best Friends”. You can give this bouquet to your girlfriend, wife and loved ones as well not just your best friends and for some, your best friend is your girlfriend/wife which is very beautiful.

-Please be understanding that the flower may not be the same as the photo shown as we don’t know how is the condition of the flowers when they arrive at our place due to the nature of how the flowers are grown.


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